Published by VSCO Community Journal - Cause for reflection


Most people like bubbles, but they couldn't tell why, they just like them superficially.

This idea appeared when I was showering, I saw the bubbles flowing down and be flushed away, and they gone in the end. It's just happened in a few seconds.

There are some metaphors I used in the whole project, and they are from my experiences in daily also. Bubbles are beautiful but empty, they have lovely appearances, and they make people happy, they are unreal and also illusional. However, they disappear very soon, just like our youth.


In my opinion, teenagers, especially girls, they get confused with the happy but hollow times, and I was one of the girls who lost in bubble world.

When bubbles break, we wake up in the fantasy world; when bubbles be taken away, we realize they're all superficial and unreal. Though once cheated, we're still like bubbles, but we won't give everything to love them and soak ourselves in the illusion anymore.